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A substantial portfolio of Greek corporate non-performing loans

The portfolio, valued at €687 million and comprised of 678 loans across various sectors, offers a unique opportunity for the debtors to restructure their debt obligations. Southrock’s objective, challenges notwithstanding, is to apply innovative strategies and execute consensual solutions, for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. 

Guided by Southrock, the debtors can capture significant value creation opportunities through the restructuring and/or repositioning of the real estate collateral to optimize recovery.  

The portfolio’s diverse geographical distribution across Greece mitigates regional risk and enhances resilience. Southrock focuses on unlocking potential for returns and portfolio growth, while navigating risks such as market volatility, economic downturns and regulatory changes through diversification and innovative risk management techniques.

The Southrock approach includes transparent communication to keep stakeholders regularly informed of both challenges and opportunities.