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Equity / Real Estate

Our diversity in handling alternative assets extends both to private equity and Real Estate portfolios.

Our firm excels in sourcing and executing private equity investments and value creation strategies to deliver robust growth and risk-adjusted returns.

To help businesses seeking capital, we combine traditional private equity with customized strategies, such as recapitalization and restructuring.  We become active partners, working alongside management and owners to create substantial value.

The Southrock team boasts extensive knowledge of real estate market dynamics, and our portfolio focuses on ambitious, diverse projects (commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, mixed-use) with the  aim to capture growth opportunities within the Greek real estate market.

We create value-add strategies and design financing solutions to transform these properties into high-yielding investments.

Construction & Project Management

Southrock’s in-house team of construction and project management experts implements various value-add strategies across our real estate portfolios.

With direct ties to planners, designers and contractors and a deep understanding of property development risks and opportunities, Southrock implements value-engineering strategies and applies tangible asset management initiatives to real assets.


Southrock manages a distinctive real estate portfolio in Mykonos, one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. This portfolio showcases Southrock’s unique positioning and ability to successfully source and execute investments in the most competitive markets.


Southrock has developed a custom digital asset management platform connected to the local marketplace. This tool streamlines internal management processes, offers a user-friendly interface to a broad range of potential customers, and facilitates the marketing and transaction of properties in a seamless and secure environment.

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Repositioning of a commercial property

As part of one REO portfolio, Southrock acquired a 5.644 m² commercial property on Vouliagmenis Avenue, Athens that was constructed in 2008.